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The company 2B Minerals S.r.l. was created in 2009 to supply products, services and consults to all companies producing mixtures, compounds or composites.
The target of 2B Minerals S.r.l. is the service: products and compounding solutions to satisfy particular customer’s or market’s requirements. Thanks to the experience and the know-how acquired in the field of mineral fillers, the company has developed a range of micronized products with different grain size distributions, studied for every kind of application.
2B Minerals S.r.l. can also develop new materials on the basis of customer’s requirements, and then guarantee the constancy in quality and supply chain. Our production site in Campogalliano (MO) uses the best technologies regarding milling, grain size separation and laboratory analysis of the finished product. All the materials are stored in our wide closed warehouses before any deliver to customers.

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